Step by Step Guide to Setup QuickBooks for Your Business

The QuickBooks marketing people like to make it sound like all you have to do is plug in your program and Voila - you’re a bookkeeper!   QuickBooks is easy – once you know how to do it.   Without some kind of accounting or bookkeeping background, it isn’t always obvious how to proceed or what to do first.  This guide will help.  Follow these steps for basic setup. 

Step 1 – Determine which version of QB is right for your business

Step 2 – Purchase and download (or install from a disk)

Step 3 – Create your company file

Step 4 – Set up your Chart of Accounts

Step 5 – Set up sales tax

Step 6 – Set up Customer files

Step 7 – Set up Vendor files

Step 8 – Set up Items

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