About Debra Meyer

My name is Debra Meyer. I have been a small business owner and an accountant for more than 25 years. I’m here because I have a special place in my heart for small- and home-based business and for the people who pour themselves into starting and running them.

I did not start my life as a child dreaming of being an accountant when I grew up. Truth is I always wanted to be an interior decorator and play the piano. Those are still things I love, along with hiking, baseball and being a foster mom to kittens. But the way life worked out, everything I did and every job I had as a young woman seemed to be grooming me for what I do now.

Apparently I was born to be what I am and to do what I do. I’m not only ok with that – I love my job.

Accounting and bookkeeping come very naturally to me. Much the way people call the friend with a truck when they need something moved, I was the friend who could do books, and this was how my experience began. When people like your work, you get referrals, and I got lots of those. Over the years I have kept books for almost every kind of small business you can think of.

In 2000 I began using QuickBooks exclusively and have become proficient. I don’t profess to know everything there is to know, but I am constantly learning and training. I also learn something new from every client. In many ways, all small businesses are alike, but each one is also unique. Many times, a business owner needs something that I’ve never had to do before.

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and as an enterprising bookkeeper/accountant, I have skills and resources to figure out how to do pretty much anything. This is what makes my job fun.

I have set up countless sets of books from scratch and cleaned up many a QuickBooks mess. I teach and train others to do things themselves, when that’s what they want. And for other clients, I do most of the work myself. I also have some experience in tax, but this is not where my main interests or skills lie. The tax experience does help me do a better job when doing the bookkeeping work because I know what tax accountants need to have to make their jobs go quicker and smoother, and that saves money for my clients.

My clients are entrepreneurs. They inspire me. This site is a culmination of my years of experience, all in one place, here to do what I love – to help the entrepreneurs of the world do what they love. Seems like synchronicity to me.

Explore and enjoy the Abreeze Accounting experience. I’m here to make your job easier.

Thank you again for being here!